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The Attitude and Support of Parents is Very Helpful for Students’ Learning Process.

Education is the currency that applies at all times and in all places. This is the word that is most quickly used to describe the function and role of education. This sentence illustrates that education is the main capital that must be owned by every individual who lives in order to survive the age they exist in. The role of parents in the world of children's education is not limited to providing appropriate education, but also helps in directly educating the children. Providing knowledge and providing understanding of some values which are very rarely the focus of education in schools is the obligation of parents towards their children. Education is a multi-dimensional process that not only provides knowledge but teaches many values used in implementing knowledge gained. The nature of education that can be obtained anywhere gives a picture that the education of a child also involves parents as active participants in educating children. Parents can be the first motivator for a child to determine the purpose of his life. Giving the children the “loving push” which certainly originates from an inner bond will be more meaningful than those that come from outside sources.

Valued and Normalized Education

As explained earlier, education does not focus only on the knowledge sought (cognitive) but also involves attitudes which will further shape the character of the child which, in the long run, will be more useful. Parents can teach the norms, not limited only to the norms that apply in the home, but almost all norms that apply in society, friendship norms, religious norms, social norms or parents may even give a picture to children about the norms of applicable law. The advantage that parents get in educating children is their first opportunity to give a picture of values ​​and norms to children. Opportunities can be described as coloring white paper much more easily than by searching for white pieces on colored paper. Parents are the first people who have the opportunity to shape the character of children. The role of parents is very important for the development of children's education. Therefore children do not have to lose the opportunity to develop just because of busy parents.

The Role of Both Parents.

Parental integrity is also one of the means to support the education of a child, because it will make a child feel that he or she has received attention and affection from his parents. It is possible for a child who does not have both parents to still get an education from his or her parents; it all depends on the individual. There are also many children from families who have intact parents, have good economy and high parental education but have never received guidance and direction from their parents such that they become children who lack love from their parents and their actions cannot be controlled and uncontrolled; therefore, the role of parents in the family, which is the most dominant or prominent is, as the person in charge of family members, including education because by getting an education, a child will be able to distinguish between good and bad.,kewajiban%20orang%20tua%20terhadap%20anaknya.

Oleh Ahmad Dahlan 14 Mar, 2015

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