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Enhancing Students’ Skills during Distance Learning

We are already surrounded by technology and it has expanded into many fields, education being one of them. Technology can be used to support education in many ways. Teachers can create and utilize better teaching strategies by involving technology. In class, a teacher can attract students’ attention by doing a slideshow, video, or by conducting other fun activities using technology. Meanwhile, all schools affected by Covid-19 have been conducting distance learning. This is very new for both teachers and students and it brings about a different type and level of difficulty for each student’s educational level. It is quite challenging to handle primary students. Teachers need to prepare the lesson and other materials for online learning. The goals of distance learning have evolved such that learners not only enjoy and learn the lesson but are also safely learning from their own homes while staying aware about their world conditions.

Students’ skills start to develop from their lowest to higher educational level. These are built from and strengthened by their social encounters, experiences, lessons, environment and their social conditions.

There are some skills students need to develop especially during distance learning. First, there is self-motivation which refers to how students are able to motivate themselves to study, as we know that distance learning can be a lonely experience for some students. Next is perseverance. Failures are part of the learning process and will affect how and when one is able to achieve one’s goals. This may be stressful and tiring but we need to make sure that the learners keep on track and not quit. Becoming an independent learner is also one of skills learners need to develop. During distance learning students are studying from their home which means they only meet their classmates in the online forum. Successful distance learning is when they are able to read and solve their problems by themselves, understand topics and actively develop their curiosity to improve their study skills.

Here are some tips for students during distance learning:

  1. Rewarding yourself is beneficial when student can complete one assignment or pass the exam, you can reward yourself by eating your favorite food or by adding time for your hobby.

  2. Having someone to support during distance learning is important. Get your family and your friends behind you and your goals in learning. Students may talk to someone they’re close with to help relieve a stressful situation.

  3. Make yourself comfortable in your study space. We have different learning styles as well as learning environments. Organize your desk and get a cozy chair, a lamp and necessary tools to boost your motivation.

  4. Distance learning should be flexible and convenient for teacher and students so that students, especially young learners, can enhance their skills and not be stressed.

Distance learning does not always involve technology but teachers can elaborate on it with the use of textbooks. We can say that the textbook is still important to help keep students on the path and not out of the topic. Students need to maximize the use of textbooks. At the same time, they also need to observe goings-on around them.

It can be concluded that distance learning is a new and challenging set-up for both teacher and young learners. The best results can be reached if parents are involved during the learning process. Students have to enjoy and be comfortable during the learning process and the teachers have to make everything clear, provide sources which the students can easily get to.


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