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Nyepi Celebration 2022

The Nyepi Celebration is one of the events in Term 3 that is eagerly awaited by the children. Usually the children will parade the ogoh-ogoh around the school’s neighborhood and continue with eating a Balinese meal together. Ever since the pandemic, these can no longer be done. This year, 2022, is the first Nyepi celebration during the pandemic. This celebration is also different because only preschool celebrated offline while, Primary still had it online.

Preschool children did activities in the morning, starting with morning circle, followed by art and craft. They were also introduced to traditional games so that the Nyepi atmosphere could be better experienced. The most awaited event for children is watching ogoh-ogoh online. They also watched Balinese dance performances by Star Class.

The event ended with the distribution of Balinese food and snacks that they brought home. For the Nyepi gift giving, BSS provided traditional children's toys made of wood, namely Marakas Ball Painting and Onton.

Meanwhile, the Primary levels started their online celebration by watching videos about Nyepi and the story of Ogoh-ogoh characters. This was followed by a presentation from homeroom teachers about the do and don't during Nyepi. In the end, the teachers and students had Q&A period about the presentation.

The event ended with the children making posters. Mr. Agung, the art teacher presented a video tutorial on how to make a poster.

Thank you, children! Even with the limitations of your activities, you were very enthusiastic.

Hopefully next year we can celebrate Nyepi with a different concept.


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