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The Benefits of Vision Board for Children

By : Ni Putu Ayu Puspa Yuliandari

Do your children like to watch movies, read story books or look at pictures?

Do they enjoy “seeing” things?

If the answer is yes to any of these it means your children have an interest in visualization.

Most of us agree that children like to look at or watch interesting things such as video and colourful images. They are happy to spend time and focus when we give them visual media. Visual media boosts their self-motivation and assists them in perfecting other skills such as listening. How can we help them to excel and motivate them to use visual media?

Children can make a visual board.

A visual board, or dream board, is a visualization tool that has a set of images, texts, and icons. The images can be anything that they dream of, or someone that they admire. It is different from a common poster because a vision board consists of several images that are put in a collage. When images are taken from a magazine, newspaper, or brochure, it gives a bright and colorful vision.

Making a vision board with children can be one of fun activities that will make them sit still to finish it. They will use their creativity to design and decorate the dream board that represents their goals. You will see what they really want to through this media. Creating a vision board is not only a great time consuming activity but also has several benefits for children.

1. Encourages children to dream big

Dreams and goals are two things that often change in every moment. Since they are abstract, we quickly forget when we do not see or mention the dreams and goals. However, by having a vision board, it will lead us, especially children, to remember and focus on what dreams and goals that they want to achieve.

2. Helps children to better focus

Sticking some images that relate to the dream can help children stay focused on actions that they have to do to meet their goal. Parents or teachers can help them to break down their goals into smaller goals. It will help them to achieve the main goal easier. Giving reward in every accomplishment also boosts their motivation to achieve more goals.

3. Teaches children about responsibility

Children should know to achieve their goals, they need numerous steps. It needs their consistency and responsibility. For example, when they want to be a doctor, children need to have good grades and they have to go to school. They will realize if they have to put responsibility and effort on the steps for reaching their goal. When they are used to doing it, it can become a good habit for them.

Those are the benefits of a vision board for children. So, a vision board is not only a board with numerous images but it is a board filled with children’s dreams.

Here are ways to make a vision board:

  1. Prepare printed images, texts, and icons based on the child's wants.

  2. Cut and place the printed items on a board or a cardboard.

  3. Stick those items with glue or tape.

  4. Add decorated stuff such as pattern washi tape to make it more colorful.

  5. A vision board is ready to display.



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