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Train Students' Motor Skills by MakingWoven Crafts from Coconut Leaves.

By : Dewa Agung Mandala Utama

Craft art is a work of art that is made using creativity and finesse in processing media such as wood, metal, leather, textiles and may also be woven from recycled plastic waste, as well as materials from nature such as rattan, bamboo, and coconut leaves.

Crafting is a creative activity that can result in the creation of new objects. Craft art refers to the objects created as a result of these creative activities. Craft works of art usually have functional properties but these do not reduce their aesthetic value as decorative objects. However, many crafts are now created as decorative works in a room or location.

One of the products that has both functional and decorative value is crafts woven from coconut leaves. Coconut leaves have a flexible character, so everyone can make something from woven coconut leaves, from elementary school children to parents. It only requires tenacity to hone creativity during the weaving process.

Weaving using coconut leaves as media is very well applied in elementary school, so that students' creativity and motor skills will be more trained and developed. The activity helps strengthen concentration since the students will have to focus during the weaving process, so that the woven coconut leaves will be done correctly. By weaving, coconut leaves can be made into mats, hats, bags, and children's toys. While the creativity side is really needed, handicrafts made from woven coconut leaves also have a hefty economic side. In addition, coconut leaves are also used for various decorations for weddings or other events.


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