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Ms. Yeni

Preschool Principal

       Bukit Sunrise School was established on July 10th 2013. Even though we are still green, we strive to be the leading Private School in Bali where every student is nurtured to achieve their STAR (Smart, Talented, Attentive, and Responsible) qualities in a constructive environment. We are registered as a National Plus Kindergarten School with the Indonesian Ministry of Education. BSS provides a positive, exciting and stimulating environment that introduces children to the joys of learning.

       We commit not only to provide high quality education with an international outlook, but also to excel in teaching other areas of learning such as technology, arts, music, sports, and extracurricular activities.  We support, inspire and encourage them by providing opportunities for every student to learn and discover new talents, new passions and new interests.  Our children have proven through their achievements that their STAR (Smart, Talented, Attentive and Responsibility) qualities have been nurtured. 

       The coming years will write new chapters for BSS as we continue to guide our students to be a STAR (Smart, Talented, Attentive, Responsible) and outstanding achievers.

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