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Bukit Sunrise School (BSS) recognizes the value of providing numerous and varied experiences that promote holistic growth and development.  The curriculums used in both preschool and primary levels support and promote hands-on learning.  Teacher directed discovery learning are provided aside from the classroom instructions and class encounters.  In BSS, the educational teams also take learning out of the classrooms through educational trips, school-wide activities and events.  In the primary school, an activity that both students and parents look forward to is the camp where, for one night, the students sleep in tents with their school mates and enjoy activities that promote self-reliance, perseverance, team work, and cooperation.

The Preschool Curriculum promotes the use of the English language as all classes and activities use English as the medium of instruction.  In the Primary School, the curriculums used come from both the Indonesian Ministry of Education and the Cambridge Assessment International Education or CAIE.  Thus, the subjects consist of those both taught in Bahasa Indonesia such as Matematika, IPS (Social Studies), IPA (Science) and the likes, as well as those taught using English like Maths, Science, English and Global Perspectives.

The Preschool and Primary School Departments of BSS received a grade of “A” during their accreditation in 2016 and 2018, respectively, by the Ministry of Education of Indonesia – Denpasar.  This supports and proves Bukit Sunrise School’s desire to provide very good quality education to the students enrolled.

Click the links below to know further about the curriculum used in preschool and primary.

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