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Twinkle: With the students of this class being 18 months to 3 years of age, Twinkle is our youngest class at school. As this will be their first time within a school environment, both students and staff will encounter many challenges. However, we see this as a vital opportunity for the students to adapt to the school environment, to develop new friendships and to enrich their vocabularies. We include the students in a wide array of activities such as brain gym, BSS words pot, sports, finger gym, role-playing, painting, singing and dancing, which are aimed at developing their multiple intelligences. Let’s have a look at our activities!

Sparkle: Sparkle class is for children 3-4 years of age. Each child in the class is encouraged to achieve their highest potential in all respects. With a teacher to student ratio of 1:8, we look to create an educational yet enjoyable environement for the children through activities such as manipulating dough, threading beads, sports, cooking class, brain gym and painting. In addition, they are exposed to numbers and letters. There is no doubt that the students will have a wonderful time throughout the day.

Little Star: Little Star is equivallent to K1 class (4 – 5 year olds). Students this age will be learning numbers and be introduced to the sounds produced by letters. Much encouragement is provided to build the children’s self-respect and a good character through lessons of “early character education”. Scientific experiments are the most anticipated activity for the children in this class. Walking, playing, running, riding tricycle or using playground equipment are other activities they engage in

Star: Star class contains the oldest children in preschool. It is equivallent to K2 class (5 – 6 year olds). Star class focusses on preparatory academic studies for primary school. They are always happy to play traditional musical instruments (e.g. angklung) and also with the computer at class. To strengthen the children’s awareness of the environment, they are encouraged to classify waste as organic and non-organic. We use a “reading eggs” approach to help children in reading. Spelling, counting, saving money, aerobics and Chef Mom are other activities of the Star class.

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