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7 August, 2018

Today was a long awaited day, it’s movie day. The Primary children were so excited to watch “Everyone’s Hero”. The movie is about a young boy named Yankee Irving who has a big dream to play for his favorite baseball team. He had a fun adventure to reach his dream.

The children didn’t only watch movie but they also had another activities before and after the movie was played. With intention of promoting the use of organic things to substitute the use plastics and paper, the children were taught to make “Kojong”. It is one kind of Balinese cultures by utilizing banana leaf as stuff for putting foods. When, the selling and buying activities were started, the children used “Kojong” to put their foods. Primary 5 children were assigned to be the seller. They were so enthusiastic to do their job. At the end, the students created poster of the movie they been watched.

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