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5th BSS CUP and Anniversary Celebration

This past October, we held one of our school’s biggest events – the BSS CUP and Anniversary Celebration. This year’s anniversary theme was “Feats, Fun, and Friendly”. It’s a long-awaited event not only for the children and teachers of BSS, but also for the children and teachers outside BSS. Schools around South Kuta and Kuta Regency were invited to join in several competitions.

There were 11 different competitions for primary children. The sport competitions began 6 of October. The baseball and softball competitions were the first. The other sport competitions, futsal, basketball, badminton, an obstacle course, and swimming followed. There were also competitions outside of the realm of sports, which allowed the students to showcase their language skills and creativity. This included a spelling bee, storytelling, poetry reading, Balinese dance, and a recycling project.

We even held competitions for preschool students! Fun sports like balloon jumping, an obstacle course, bean bag throwing, and swimming were held a day before the Anniversary’s peak ceremony 26 October. The other competitions like singing and fashion show were held in the following day.

For those who weren’t competing in the events, those taking a break, or those who wanted to keep the celebration going were able to grab some yummy food in the bazaar or spend some time in the Fun Zone.

We concluded the Anniversary by announcing the winners of the competitions. The participants could not wait to know the results! Bali Kiddy School was announced as the general champion and brought home The Rolling Trophy. BSS took 2nd place, and SD N 3 Benoa took 3rd.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants! Thank you for joining us.

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