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BSS Health Week

BSS Health Week 2018, which was supported by BIMC Siloam and Dr. Romy Associates. On the first day of Health Week, they provided ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat) check up to the students. During the second day, Dr. Romy Associates team gave the P4 and P5 students an introduction to The Reproductive Organs. These students are approaching the age, or are currently going through puberty. This presentation was intended to inform them about the changes the body endures and the organs that are involved.

The following day, the teachers introduced healthy food and drinks. The children got a chance to learn how to make sushi and fruit salad. The children also got a chance to make Jamu, an herbal, Indonesian, beverage. The students really enjoyed the healthy snacks that they made!

For Thursday’s morning activity, we invited a Zumba Instructor to come show us some moves and get our blood pumping. The instructor led the students in a fun, lively workout routine. The children seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. By the end of the health week, we expect the students to be able to apply what they learned and apply it to their daily lives.

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