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Earth Week : Increasing the Students’ Awareness

Trash has become a very concerning issue for many people around the world. Many problems have cropped up because of its damaging and lasting effects on our environment and natural resources, more than just causing pollution on the land, water and air.

On the brighter side, some people have started to act on improving the situation mentioned above. They work with their community, government, or individually to spread information on ways to process trash appropriately. They also have campaigned for reducing the use of the plastics, reusing the plastics that they have, or recycling the plastics to become artworks or other useful things.

As a response to this issue, during the celebration of Earth Week, the BSS Primary children went to one of the landfills in the Badung regency. We wanted to show them that the trash that they send to a landfill has caused other problems. The trash that they throw in the bin does not end at that place. By knowing this fact, we hope that our children can share the condition of the landfills to their family, or friends. Lastly, we also hope that they can start to actively help solve the trash problem.

For the second part of the trip, the primary children visited Yayasan Lengis Hijau. It is an industry which recycles used cooking oil into high quality biodiesel. In this place the children learnt how used cooking oil can still be useful. We already know that reusing cooking oil used for frying has bad effects on the human body and even to the environment. However, used cooking oil won’t be a problem anymore if we process it to become reusable for transportation and industry.

This was the first time for the BSS primary children to have this kind of activity. This is just one of the ways we, in BSS, are working for a cleaner and better Bali and Earth.

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