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BSS Health Week 2019

BSS Celebrated Health Week on 11-15 November 2019. The week long event was sponsored by dr. Romy Associates (Omsa Medic) and Aquababies Indonesia.

On the first day of Health Week, we introduced the children to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle from an early age and having regular check-up with their doctor. This year we focused on the health of the eyes for both preschool and primary school.

The second day, we invited HIMPSI Bali. The primary school presentation focused on the effects BULLYING has on mental health. The seminar was for primary school. For the preschool children, they were educated on basic hygiene in their daily lives.

Dancing is a complete mental, pysical, emotional, and social work out. This is why, on third day we invited an instructor of sport dance to teach the children some new dance moves and to talk about having an active lifestyle. All the children enjoyed this activity.

On Thursday, Aquababies Indonesia, one of the BSS Health week sponsors, provided a swimming activity for the preschool children and their parents. They taught the parents how to assist their children in learning how to swim. The children were very happy.

On The last day of Health week, the children made healthy snacks : vegetable soup and fruit party for preschool and fruit jelly for primary school. They also had the opportunity to make their own healt

hy food. The student really enjoyed their healthy snacks that day.

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