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The Influence of a Pandemic on Learning

The process of education normally takes place in schools; however, in many areas around the world, it is being done through distance and online learning from home. This process is very different from the previous years since presently, students must learn to adapt independently to education obtained through online learning. Besides adjusting, it also makes students feel more challenged to enjoy learning when done from home. In addition to students, the teachers, too, need to adjust to situations and conditions such as this pandemic. Situations and conditions like these are not easy to adapt to, to make maximize active learning. There are several factors that sometimes hinder processes, such as the internet network, the time that really needs to be taken by the teacher to prepare a learning material from day to day, and of course the condition of mind and also the body to make the process of learning more beneficial. Students also naturally experience a lot of unrest but education can be done in a flexible way between students and teachers in completing the educational tasks together. In the process of this pandemic, the parents must be involved in making the teaching and learning process more efficient and smooth. Many obstacles and adjustments are experienced by students, parents, and also teachers to complete the learning material that students need to learn in their specific levels.

On the other hand, a pandemic situation also has a positive impact on education as it teaches students, parents and teachers how to adjust and be flexible and how to be resourceful, patient and persevering. Of course these experiences are possible because we all have the ability to learn and adapt. Students can also learn about situations and conditions and the process of how nature works for humans and everything around us. Students and parents can discuss together how to become friends with nature and especially how to care for nature. At any given time, everything can just change, such as when a pandemic occurs and these events make students, parents, and teachers all learn from this educational situation.

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