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Art Day Celebration 2022

Art Day? Some parents who have been with us since 2017 will know it as Art Night. Ever since the pandemic started, we have cancelled the event but since the children have come back to school, we have included it once again in the school’s calendar of activities. The scale of this year’s event is not like the past since parents were not involved and the usual auction and sale of the children’s art works were not done. This also means that Art Day 2022 was not a fund raising event for an NGO or charitable institution which the children usually vote on. Nevertheless, the children still had a morning filled with learning but fun activities.

This year’s event was held on the 24th of March, the last day of Term 3. It had the theme “The Beauty of Peace”. Through the various activities namely: video presentations on artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci for the Lower Primary levels, poster making, creating then playing their musical instruments made from recyclable materials, and mural making for the Upper Primary levels, peace was related to art, obedience to school rules, recycling, mental health, and bullying.

It was a morning filled with learning and fun for the Primary School children. Like always, the children went home with a souvenir, this time, in the form of a hand held fan, to help remind them of the day’s activities and hopefully, what they learnt from these, too.

Thank you, teachers for putting the event together and thank you, our dear learners, for your participation. Until the next event!


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