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Bake Sale and Donation Box

On 13th July 2022, BSS received sad news regarding one of the cleaning staff, Ibu Wedi. Ibu Wedi lost her house due to a fire.

In order to support Ibu Wedi, the BSS Student Social Department team, which is one of the Student Committee Departments, took the initiative to raise funds through charity box donations and a bake sale. All parents, students and school staff were invited to participate in the fundraising. The Social Department, consisting of Geneieve, Bronte, Taneesha and Hanalei from Primary 6 and Vincent (Primary 5), handled the event very well. These students successfully did the planning for the activity including making Instagram posters to introduce their event, making cookies and cakes for the bake sale.

On Thursday 21st July 2022, the Social Department started making butter cookies and banana cake with the help of the teachers. Banana cake was made from banana peels, instead of throwing the peels. They were very enthusiastic about making the cakes during their playtime after lunch.

On the D-Day of fundraising, which was Friday 22nd July 2022, the students began to prepare for the bake sale, including making the price tags and cake presentation. Parents also donated cakes to add to the bake sale menu.

The bake sale opened at 11.00 am for preschool students and 02.00 pm for primary students. At the end of the activity, the Social Department team calculated the sales and fundraising results in the charity box. Funds raised from the charity box totaled Rp. 3.060.000 and Rp. 2,894,700 from the bake sale. A total of Rp. 5,954,700 was donated to Ibu Wedi during assembly on Monday 25th July.

Many thanks to the parents, students, teachers and especially the Social Department for helping Ibu Wedi and her family.

Hopefully our help is useful for them….


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