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BSS Open House

Our open house on 22 November 2022 was filled with excitement. It was an opportunity to demonstrate and inform parents of our school. In this open house, the Students Committee guided and explained to parents about our facilities. Students also prepared oatmeal cookies and pumpkin muffins a day before. On the day, they started to make infused water from Pineapple and watermelon fruit, as well as ginger tea.

The first session for Open House was at 9 am and the second session was at 10 am. The event started with our Preschool and Primary Principal. After explaining to the parents about our school and curriculum, our Students Committee (Fiona) guided all parents on a tour of the school.

During the open house, parents were allowed to explore the various rooms at Bukit Sunrise School, where we cater to develop students’ creativity and skills. Parents visited rooms such as our art room, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), music and exploration rooms.

In Bukit Sunrise, parents were able to see that students can study and have fun in their respective classes,at the swimming pool, on the soccer or basketball field, science room, multipurpose room, and movie room.

Thank you to all the parents for coming to our school.


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