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Creating Collage Art Using Grains

By : Dewa Agung Mandala Utama

Many and various types of materials can be used in creating works of art. One of these works of art that can use a variety of media is painting. One can use, not only paint on paper or canvas, but you can also use natural materials such as leaves, sand, sawdust and so on. Various techniques can be applied to painting and each technique has a name, one of which is collage.

In general, the definition of collage is a work of art made by gluing any material into a harmonious composition so that it becomes a unified work. Meanwhile, with regards to terms, collage is an application creation made by combining painting techniques (hand painting) by gluing certain materials. In its creation, collages require high patience and skills in combining, arranging, and pasting existing materials so that they become beautiful works of art.

For students, making collage is a challenge that is quite difficult compared to making other works of art. This is because collages require creativity, ideas and patience to search, and find special and suitable materials to make collages, then also, how to combine one material with another. Materials that are easy to use are grains that have different colors and characters. Using these make it easy to adjust the image pattern. To make a collage using seeds, it takes patience and accuracy every time you paste the seeds one by one on a board or paper media.



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