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Cultivating Children’s Higher Order Thinking Skills

by : Fitri Adji Rarasati

In this modern era, the rapidity of information and technology has changed the way people gain knowledge. In this century, children are encouraged to be more independent, creative and able to solve problems using various solutions. Critical thinking is therefore the foundation of a strong education. Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) are those that enable learners to think critically, going beyond observation and memorization of facts. Developing strong core critical thinking skills in primary and secondary education leads to better learner engagement, academic progress, and future success in the workplace. Higher Order Thinking takes thinking to higher levels rather than just restating facts and requiring students to do something with the facts. Through this way of learning, students need to understand, infer, connect facts to other concepts, categorize, manipulate, and apply the facts by seeking new solutions to new problems.

Here are 3 ways to cultivate a student’s thinking while using higher-order thinking skills (HOTS).

  • Connect Concepts

During the learning process, students are given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge about information by helping them connect new concepts to things they already know. This level of thinking will help the student understand how connections are made and give them the ability to build upon connections for an ultimate level of understanding. By making connections, the power of HOTS is at full force. It is really important in applying context as well as relevance to teaching by making these connections and training students to think deeper, broader, and higher.

  • Teach Problem Strategies

Higher Order Thinking Skills will be activated when the students encounter unfamiliar problems, uncertainties, questions or dilemmas. By applying these thinking skills, students have the ability to solve problems faster and more efficiently. Being creative and considering alternative strategies to reach a solution is a part of being a good problem solver. The process of getting to the solution is one of the most important aspects of this process. It is important for students to learn that making mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow and each mistake brings them closer to an answer. The sooner that students understand this, the more quality learning is achieved.

  • Give Students Freedom To Imagine

Teachers can be a good facilitator for the students by asking them to create something based on their imagination. At this phase, students develop their creative thinking since they will invent, imagine, and design what is in their minds. Through the process of thinking creatively, students can increase and broaden their understanding in order to make even more connections and achieve more learning through higher-order thinking skills. Students achieve a high level of connection when they gain a sense of ownership and responsibility.

In conclusion, Higher Order Thinking Skills is an effective way to ensure that students will be more successful in their learning process.


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