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Cyber - Bullying Awareness

by: I. G. A Ratih Winarti

Currently, there are many issues regarding child development awareness. One of the big problems that the parents should be aware of is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can be defined as someone or a group of people intentionally targeting, harassing or threatening someone repeatedly through digital media and communication tools such as the internet, cell phones or social media. To know more about cyberbullying, let’s get to know its meaning.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that takes place over digital mediums. Children may be cyberbullied on their phones, computers, and other devices by receiving harassing chats, texts, messages, comments, forum posts, and pictures that cause them emotional harm. There are some facts of how dangerous cyberbullying is and below are how the cyberbullying work:

Cyberbullying Facts

  • It often takes many forms (social media, texting, instant messaging).

  • It can be public or private.

Few parents and educators see cyberbullying in action.

  • Cyberbullies may act alone or in groups.

  • Cyberbullies may act anonymously (Victim never knows who exactly is targeting them.).

Because it’s online, cyberbullies can follow their victims wherever they go.

Instead of only tormenting their victims when they are in the same physical space, cyberbullies infiltrate their victims’ lives as often as they want to. It can be difficult for victims to avoid communications and escape from their attacker. Worse, false or hurtful information, private images, and other communications are recorded permanently online, and could affect the victim’s reputation for years to come. Cyberbullying eventually works to attack the children’s mental health which in turn will most likely cause depression, anxiety, disrupt academic performance and impact overall happiness and well-being.

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