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Fire & Earthquake drill

At BSS, both earthquakes and fires drill are held every other term. Knowledge of what to do during these occurrences is very important considering that Indonesia is a disaster-prone country and BSS itself has 3 floors. In addition, this evacuation exercises will be useful not only at school but can be a provision for children in dealing with earthquake and fire disasters anywhere.

Last week, we conducted a simulated Earthquake & Fire Drill which was conducted online via Goggle meet during the Homeroom Period in each class. The teacher explained the steps that must be taken when the disasters occur. For direct reflection, the teachers played videos about disaster simulations that had been made by previous teachers.

In addition to socializing and practicing evacuation procedures, it is also important to raise awareness, dispel panic, and ensure the safety and security of students, teachers and other parties in the school compound.

We hope that the students will know very well what steps to take when dealing with earthquakes and fires and be able to mitigate the risk as much as possible.



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