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First Day of Mixed Learning

04 October 2021 is the first day of Term 2 of School Year 2021/2022 and is also the first day of the implementation of mixed learning in Primary School and in Sparkle Class; mixed learning for Little Star and Star Classes started on the 15th of September 2021.

The implementation of health protocols is still our priority. Checking temperature, maintaining physical distance and wearing masks are mandatory for those entering the school grounds. Children are always reminded to keep their distance. Physical distancing is applied from the time they arrive at school until the end of their school day. Parents are also only allowed to drop off their children.

On the first day, the children seemed enthusiastic by arriving early and in an orderly manner while also remembering to bring their school materials. After passing the student checklist and health protocols, the children were directed to their respective classrooms. Teachers are assigned in various spots in the school grounds to make sure that the protocols are followed while the students go to their classrooms but also to help them find their classrooms on their first day back. In the classrooms, they use the tables and chairs that have been prepared and assigned according to the list of students who have been allowed by their parents to join mixed learning. Meanwhile, students who choose online learning continue to attend their classes from home. During offline lessons, the teachers do offline and online teaching at the same time. This allows the students online to receive the same learning experience as those at school. This also permits them to interact with their teachers and friends even though they are online.

Welcome back to school kids…


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