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Kindergarten 2022 Grandparents’ Day

Our grandparents play a huge role in our lives. They are at the top of our family trees. They provide us with guidance and wisdom, and a lot of us have fond memories of bedtime stories and family occasions with our grandparents. Grandparent’s Day provides us with the perfect opportunity to honor our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Grandparent’s Day is a day that is dedicated to celebrating and acknowledging the vital contribution that our grandparents make when it comes to the education and well-being of younger people within the family. This is the perfect day for us all to show our respect and gratitude for the older generating, honoring our grandparents – everything they do and everything that they stand for.

Grandparents day is a new event in the BSS preschool program which the first event has been conducted on 26th August 2022. This event is held to witness the bonding between grandparents and their grandchildren. Grandparents are allowed to participate in their grandchildren's learning activities all day long. Students and grandparents looked very enthusiastic in participating in all activities. Starting from the morning circle held outside the room, reading period in the library, making greeting cards using the hand stamp method and playing activities in the multipurpose room.

Thank you Oma…Opa…for visiting our school…see you next year…


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