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Health Week 15 – 18 November 2021

Every year for the past seven years, Bukit Sunrise School has been holding Health Week activities. However, due to the pandemic, for almost 2 years we couldn't have the activities with the learners here at school. Not this school year! This month, we were able to have both face to face and online activities. For this year’s theme, we decided to focus on physical as well as mental health; quite appropriate for the times. The learners participated in physical exercises such as Yoga, Sprints, and Aerobics. All exercises were carried out outdoors and in different venues to prevent cross class or cross level integrations. The children also continued to follow the health protocols by maintaining physical distance, by wearing a mask and not crowding.

For the Primary School activities, apart from Yoga, the upper class students (Primaries 4, 5 and 6) attended a Mental Health presentation by one of the parents who had studied this field, while the lower grade students were guided by their Health Education teacher online on healthy eating habits via a short video. Students were also given the opportunity to see their teacher directly demonstrate how to make herbal medicine using ingredients growing abundantly in Indonesia. It is hoped that students will become more familiar with traditional Indonesian food/drinks which have various health benefits. The students looked very interested because many did not know about these natural ingredients. Meanwhile, for healthy eating, the school provided healthy food that students took home in the form of herbs, fruits and boiled eggs. All these healthy foods were distributed during school hours.

Activities at Preschool are no less interesting, because the students, besides doing yoga, also did outdoor activities. The preschool students were quite excited, as they were very enthusiastic in participating in every activity. During school hours, the preschool students were also given healthy foods like cereals, fruit and yogurt.

Thank you, BSS students for your participation and thank you to the teaching and non-teaching staff who made these possible.

See you at our next Health Week in 2022 with different, fun and educational activities.


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