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Heroes Day

Heroes day was the first event held at BSS. We held this event with the aim of educating BSS students to appreciate our supporting staff at school (our cleaning service staff, security staff, our engineers and gardeners).

Today's set of activities began with preschool students preparing food for our daily heroes and doing the activities that are usually carried out by our daily heroes; such as cleaning classes, cleaning the garden, and also cleaning the pool. All classes were divided so that they all participated in the activities.

We invited Twinkle and Sparkle classes to clean the classrooms. They were sweeping, mopping and also cleaning the dust off toys and shelves.

For the Little star class, we invited them to clean the swimming pool which is usually done by the engineering team every week. They cleaned all the leaf litter that makes its way into our school pool.

Meanwhile, for the Star class, we invited them to clean the playground environment by pulling weeds, throwing garbage and also sweeping the garden area.

They also participated in preparing food; where together they made satay, fried rice and even set the dining table. We provided the space and opportunity for our students to feel the contribution of their daily heroes first hand.

At the end of the event, we welcomed our daily heroes to the dining table. One of the preschool students, Gus Deva, thanked our daily heroes on behalf of all his friends.

Good job children, see how your daily heroes are smiling happily.


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