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Musical Presentation as a Fun Way to Learn Multiplication Tables

By : Ni Putu Deanitha Rizki Awalia

Multiplication tables are important for the students in learning Maths. It is the basic tool to do some calculations and to solve word problems. Memorising it will be very beneficial for them. Even though it is essential, it is not their favourite topic, as most of them feel that learning multiplication tables is challenging. There are some strategies that can be adapted. One of them is by singing the multiples of the numbers.

Songs can be a useful tool to help students learn. Singing a song regularly will make us remember the lyrics. A research that was conducted to find out how songs affect memory. Undergraduate students were divided into two groups. The first group had sentences that were spoken, and the second group had sentences that were sung. The result shows that the score of participants in the second group were slightly higher than those in the speech group.

For primary students, the musical presentation can attract their interest in learning multiplication tables. The related videos can be accessed easily on the online platforms. It is also possible to challenge the students to make their own or to modify the song that they are familiar with.

Some students have used this strategy in the classroom. Skip counting, then singing the multiples of the numbers are the activities that they like to do; movements are added too. It is fun and they enjoy it. But, singing the song only is not enough. To maximise the result, using the song should be followed by completing written practices regularly, as well as orally.


Miller, Alexandria. (2017). The Effects of Music on Short-Term and Long-Term Memory. Retrieved June 17,, 2020, from


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