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Physical education games for thematic lessons

By : Ida Bagus Made Surasa

Stealing Eggs (for lower class / Primary 1)

The game "stealing eggs" is a game that can be used as a warm-up, before starting the core learning where students will line up in pairs, and in the middle. In this game they will be given 1 ball each that acts as an egg, and students will take it quickly according to instructions from the teacher. The object of the game is for the one who got the egg to be able to reach the back of the line without getting caught by the other team. However, before the instructions for stealing are given, the teacher will give other instructions to train the concentration of students.

Purposes this games:

Improve one’s attitude

Develop self-confidence, the ability to work carefully, discipline and honesty

Get to know body parts

Develop agility and teamwork

Train non-locomotor and locomotor movements

Required Tools

1. chalk - Chalk is used to create a center line between the 2 groups of students

2. 1 small plastic ball - The ball is used as an egg that students will fight for.

How to play

Students are grouped into 2 then form two lines facing each other. The teacher puts the ball on the center line that has been provided. Children play by pairs where 1 from each team plays. One pair will be given 1 ball.

The teacher then gives instructions to each pair to touch different body parts. The students follow teacher’s instructions until the teacher shouts “egg” or “telur”. When the students hear this, the pair playing will try to steal the egg (ball) as fast as they can. Whoever is faster of the two and is able to steal the egg, now runs to the back of the line. While running to the back, the player from the other team can try to catch the one who stole the egg. If the one who stole reaches the back of the line still with the egg, the group gets 1 point. If the other team’s player is able to take the egg, no point is given. The ball is returned to the front and the next players in line will do the same thing until all have played. The team that wins the game has the most number of points when all players have had their turn.


The teacher must make sure the field is big enough for the number of students and is clear from any obstructions which may cause the students to get hurt or fall.

Before starting the game, the teacher should give a demonstration.

Teachers must always pay attention to the safety of students in the field.



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