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Virtual Excursion

Before the pandemic, BSS often held field trip to various places with the aim of providing learning opportunities outside and direct experiences and knowledge from the venues visited by the BSS students. This pandemic has changed many aspects in the learning experiences and encounters of students and educators.

During the 2020/2021 school year we tried to collaborate with several parties and were finally abble to set-up two virtual tour for the students.

  1. Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)

The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) was founded in 2007 and works to counter crimes that threaten orangutan and their natural habitats. The Centre states, " As part of this mandate, we investigate, document, and expose, and if necessary, readily confront any persons of groups who threaten to disrupt the lives of orangutan or local communities living nearby."

During the virtual trip, the students learnt more about what orangutans are, what the dangers of keeping orangutans are and the differences between orangutans and monkeys. The studets also had a virtual tour of the orangutan school and activities they have in order for them to learn to take care of themselves and help them to finally live in the wild once more.

The children looked very entusiastic because they could see orangutans and their habits clearly even though it was only through the virtual world.

Thank you to COP for sharing with our students. Let's be hand-in-hand to save the Orangutan from danger!!!

2. Sido Muncul

On the second occasion of our virtual excursion, we collaborated with Sido Muncul, the largest herbal medicine manufacturer in Indonesia with more than 70 years of experience. Their commitment is to grow agriculture responsibly with the tenets of People, Planet, and Profit to deliver sustainable business. Through the virtual tour, they shared about herbal medicine production in relation to the sustainability of natural sources.

Sido Muncul and the team introduced their company to students and also introduced the Sido Muncul products. During the virtual tour session, Sido Muncul gave BSS students the opportunity to witness the process of making “Tolak Angin”, one of Sido Muncul's most popular and superior products.

Thank you, Sido Muncul for providing education to BSS students. Now, our students are more aware of the benefits herbs have for our health and well-being and that herbs can be easily found around us in Indonesia !!!


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