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Stimulation of Student Creativity through Autodesk Sketch Book in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0

Art is the expression of one’s creative skill and imagination that can be poured into various fields such as fine arts, literature, music, dance, and theater, which have visual and auditory values. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara (the father of national education) art is the result of beauty so that it can affect the feelings of someone who sees it and art is a human act that can influence and cause beautiful feelings. Visual beauty can be felt through the sense of sight, one example is fine arts. Fine art is an expression of someone as outlined in two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. The types of two-dimensional works of art are in the form of paintings, and three-dimensional works of art in the form of sculptures, carvings (reliefs), and handicrafts.

As one's creative ideas develop, there are now also those who make paintings using media such as recycled items, or using used plastics to produce mosaics and collages, making sculptures using used vehicle tires which are included in the three-dimensional type of artwork. In the world of education, processing used goods into handicrafts is one way to stimulate student creativity. In addition to two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of art, in the industrial revolution 4.0 there is what is called digital art. This is caused by the rapid development of technology and the human being’s constant curiosity and innovation.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a change that produces something that is instant. The smart phone, a product of this revolution, possesses various applications and features and is used by children and parents who have grown accustomed to using these communication tools. From a smart phone children are able to explore new ideas and learn positive skills, if used properly. One application that is able to stimulate children's creativity is autodesk sketch books. This application is a medium for creating drawing or painting designs with various and complete tools in it. Using autodesk sketch book can help one to produce landscape paintings, make flowers to be symmetrical, batik or decorative images such as symmetrical mandalas, perspective drawings of buildings and so forth. So the artwork created on a smart phone is called digital art.

This digital application which can be used for both basic and professional drawing and painting offers complete sketching equipment. Interestingly, this application uses the same tools as the autodesk sketchbook pro desktop software. The combination of high-quality digital equipment such as pencils, pens, markers and airbrushes, as well as a friendly interface according to the artist's gestures, helps enable users to capture their ideas as informal sketches quickly or produce works of art wherever they are. "The popularity of Sketchbook products shows that users want to create creative content on their mobile devices, not just use them," Samir Hanna, vice president of autodesk consumer products, said in a press release on Wednesday (12/12/2010). Designers, illustrators, graphic artists, students and hobbyists, among millions of others, have downloaded the mobile sketchbook since its debut in 2009 before the Android version came out.

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