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“Say Goodbye to Children’s Shyness”(3 Parenting Tips to Make Children More Confident)

“Say Goodbye to Children’s Shyness”(3 Parenting Tips to Make Children More Confident)

By: Rosfita Irma

Definition of shyness and confidence :

Shyness is when an individual is scared or feels uncomfortable expressing what they feel so they can’t do their activities with others, feeling shyness can hamper children’s growth. Confidence is when individuals are not scared and also brave enough to do their activities with other people, they can show what they feel without worrying about the people around them. So confidence is the important thing we should have in ourselves self especially for children, because with it they can overcome their shyness. 

Parenting Tips to Make Children More Confident :

When we talk about children's self-confidence effectively, we are talking about parents. So self-confidence for children means the parents believe in them because they are who will build and raise their child's self-confidence. There are 3 tips the writer gives to all parent’s how to make children more confident :

  1. You have known your child

Parents should be the first to recognize their children very much. Such as hobbies, weaknesses, strengths, and habits they do. After recognizing what are the weaknesses and strengths of a child, the role of parents is very important in directing their children not to be inferior to the weaknesses they have. But must focus on continuing to improve the strength that already exists in them, so that slowly the child's self-confidence will begin to form. 

  1. Diligently discuss with children

Once we as parents have recognized the abilities possessed by our children, we can have discussions with our children. So that we can also provide knowledge about the habits they do and whether these habits they did are good or not in developing the potential they have, and we can listen to what things are liked by our children by discussing. This can help us find ways to direct our children to develop the potential they already have so that they can use that potential as an excuse for them to be more confident. 

  1. Invite children to cooperate  

What is also very important that we can do as parents to increase children's self-confidence is we must always try to work with our children in increasing their self-confidence, by providing understanding to our children why self-confidence is very important to them and trying to direct how they can continue to improve the potential they already have so that potential in supporting their confidence in carrying out all activities in their lives. 



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