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Term 4 Events

1. Easter celebration

The first event in Term 4 was Easter which was celebrated on Easter Monday, April 18th, 2022. By 08:00 AM, the children were gathered in the Hall and were then guided by Mr Michael and Ms Vikki who acted as MCs and game masters of the activities. During the assembly, the6thgraders shared their poems on Easter while the 5th gradersshared their short compositions on “What Easter means to me”, followed by the reading of a quote on Easter by Alea (Primary 1A). The Primary school students were then divided into Lower and Upper Primary levels. For the games, the Lower primary classes, guided by Ms Vikki and the HRTs,moved to the basketball court to have their Easter Egg Hunt and Egg Relay. Meanwhile, the Upper primary levels stayed with Mr Michael and their HRTs in the hall for their Scavenger Hunt and Egg Relay. To make the activities more challenging, the children were divided into groups with members coming from different classes. Everyone went home a winner, taking with them their Easter cookie, an egg, and a BSS notebook.

Meanwhile, after their egg hunting, the Preschool students got to paint, decorate and bring home the eggs they found.

2. Earth week & Kartini day

The next days, Primary school was once again busy with two more events for the week, namely Earth Week and Kartini Day.

During Earth week, the students are continuously taught to love the environment. No better time to start than while they’re still young. For this activity, children watched videos about the importance of protecting the environment and what Earth day is. This was followed by the activity of making the earth fromcoloured paper pulp. On the last day, the students plantedbeneficial plants such as: chilies, tomatoes, aloe vera, eggplant and spinach, and for the hydroponic method of growing plants, students plantedbokchoy.

To celebrate Kartini Day, students viewed a film about Kartini and learntKartini's song accompanied by the Kalimba.To give a better picture of Kartini, all female teachers wore Kebaya whilethe male teachers wore Batik. The students also competed to draw and color Kartini where those with the best results received souvenirs in the form of school supplies.

3. Photo day

Photo day is an annual event held at Term 4. This photo day was held for 2 days: one day for Primaries 1 to 5 and Preschool and a day just for the graduating classes (Primary 6 & Star class). Each student was photographed for the yearbook. The graduating studentswere photographed individually wearing their togas and with their family. Each graduate and his or her family were given a photo shoot schedule to follow.

4. Eid Al-Fitr Celebration

April 29, 2022 is the last event in Term 4. This day was used to commemorate Eid Al-Fitr which is celebrated by Muslims. In this event, students were invited to feel the euphoria of Eid al-Fitr. Cookies are synonymous with Eid al-Fitr so students were invited to make their own cookies. Cookies were made the day before the celebration. Due to the large number of students interested in making cookies, the students were asked to register 2 days before the activity. After registering, they then voted to determine what cookies they would make. A total of 24 participants made cookies in the school kitchen after school hours. All the students looked very enthusiastic. On the day of celebration, students were given cookies and milk for snacks, and for their activities, they were asked to make “THR” envelopes which were filled with money tosymbolisethe THR which is usually distributed during Hari Raya. Students were also asked to make greeting cards which they exchanged randomly with their classmates.

Meanwhile, preschool students made cookies with the help of their respective teachers and made diamonds as a symbol of the food that will be consumed during Hari Raya. For snack time, students had chicken opor andketupat. Cookies were distributed for take home.

Thank you,everyone for your participation in the Term 4 events. See you on our first event come School Year 2022/2023.


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