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The Benefits of Interactive Online Quizzes in e-Learning

By : Ni Putu Ayu Puspa Yuliandari

During this pandemic, the school learning is done online. Teaching through online learning is challenging for some teachers. Teachers have to prepare a variety of methods and techniques to teach a subject that is effective during e-learning. The use of slideshow, videos, pictures, games, and online generator to create quizzes are things that teachers can use to support the teaching.

Giving online quizzes is one of the techniques that teachers can use in class. This activity helps the teachers and the students as well, to know what and how much they have understood about a subject. This technique is important to be given at the beginning or end of the class. However teachers must be mindful to choose the appropriate types of quizzes for the students. They have to consider that the quizzes are not only to know the students' comprehension toward the topic but also to make them enjoy completing the quizzes. During e-learning, teachers can try to use websites that provide ideas and templates which can help them create quizzes. Kahoot! and Quizizz are examples of web-based quizzes that teachers can use to create fun online quizzes.

As we know, young learners can easily get bored and lack focus when they study for long periods of time. In order to cope with this limitation, teachers have to design fun quizzes for their students. Unique features such as power-ups and live dashboard in Quizizz can boost their interest toward the quiz. Furthermore there are several benefits of giving online quizzes for students.

  1. Students are being actively engaged in subject material. When students cannot answer certain questions in a quiz, they will go back to reread certain parts of the chapter. Teachers can also review questions with most incorrect answers with the students.

  2. Quizzes can increase students’ motivation. Students would like to get higher scores during the quizzes. To make it happen, the students will pay attention to the teachers' explanation and may even review before the quiz.

  3. Quizzes can help students to recall information and get better grades. When the quiz is set as an assignment, students can play the quiz over again by themselves. By repeating, the information will be stuck in their mind.

  4. Fun online quizzes can reduce students’ stress. Kahoot! and Quizizz has a live dashboard with music background. Students are able to see their own and others’ rank. They can compete with other students to get higher scores. Power-ups feature in Quizizz helps students to get double points or they may also decide to erase this option. This feature makes students excited to get more power and use it. Sometimes, after they answer the questions, a meme will appear. These features make students forget that they are doing a quiz.

In conclusion, interactive online quizzes not only help teachers with teaching techniques during e-learning but also have a beneficial impact on students. Increasing students' involvement, motivation, better score and stress reduction are several benefits that students get through fun online quizzes.


Hillman, Jennifer. 2012. The Impact of Online Quizzes on Student Engagement and Learning. Fall 2011-Spring 2012.


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