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Student of the Year 2018-2019 Election: The Importance of Participating in an Election

2019 is an important year for the Indonesian people for this year, they have the presidential election. Every individual is enthusiastic for what may be the biggest event of the year.

Every election will need the participation from all citizens. Their participation can be in the form of helping with the elections as part of the committee or in the form of using our voices to spread knowledge about the election or to campaign for a candidate.

In the efforts of showing how important participating in an election is, we decided to conduct our own election at school. The election is for the Student of the Year 2018-2019. For the theoretical part, the students learnt the importance of elections and how this is done in different places and situations through discussions in their Global Perspective classes. On the practical side, they experienced the election process through the Student of the Year election.

In the beginning, the teachers announced that every student can register their self as a candidate. Then, the teachers chose six candidates who match the criteria. The six candidates campaign by showing their talents and intelligence in front of the teachers and students.

Since not everyone can be a candidate, some students also registered to be part of the election committee. They prepared the things needed for the election, like printing the election ballots and making the ballot box. They also helped organized the event proper and the post-election activities.

On the day of the election, every BSS primary student and the teachers practised their right to choose the candidate that they thought possesses the most qualities to be the Student of the Year 2018-2019. After everyone had submitted their ballots, the real count was done openly. Each student could see directly how the committee counted the votes. At the end of the event, Richard Meininger from Primary 5 gained the highest votes and score and was announced the winner.

We are really proud of our children. They can organize the event and participate well during the election.

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