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How Do Class Responsibilities Train Students Abilities?

By : Putri Masitah

The class is the smallest part of the school. The formation of the child's character will be determined here. Class is one of the most important parts of a child's learning process, both academically and in terms of the child's character. The formation of a child's character will determine how the child behaves.

In class there are usually assignments given by teachers which train students to be responsible. Students will take turns getting their weekly or daily assignments related to the class routines such as, line leader, teacher’s helper, prayer leader, greeter, and many more. Usually each class will have different class assignments depending on its needs and what habits the teacher wants to develop in their students.

A student's sense of responsibility is an attitude or ability to respond to what he or she does. Children usually start learning from and imitating what they see from home, from what their parents do, then when they start school they will continue to learn these things. At school, children will learn about responsibility starting from the small things. Teachers will begin to train students to be responsible for their belongings, textbooks, lunch boxes, water bottles and so on.

Classroom jobs will be an amazing way to build a sense of community in the classroom. Class assignments will be a starting point for students to practice being responsible. Assigning your students daily or weekly tasks gives them a sense of accountability and ownership for their learning environment. In addition, classroom jobs teach kids important practical skills that they will use throughout their lifetime. The division of work assignments may initially make students feel uncomfortable due to the initial adjustment, but over time students will feel comfortable and will do their work better. The initial division of tasks can be done by making a chart which will be changed after a few days. So, each student will adapt to their assignment and they can experience several assignments in turns. This division of tasks can also remind students that even adults still need time for what they want to do. Each class usually has various tasks with different assignment names too. This is based on the needs of the class and what potential the teachers wants to develop. At Bukit Sunrise School, there are usually several class assignments used, such as line leader, electricity leader, greeter, clean-up crew, prayer reader, and many others.

  • Line leader trains the children's sense of responsibility and leadership in the class. Being the line leader also means the student will be the leader in the class. The class leader needs to be responsible for maintaining the condition of the class when the teacher asks for momentary assistance. For example, when the teacher needs to go to the bathroom for a moment, the leader needs to monitor the class and report to the teacher if an incident occurs while the teacher is not in class. This also trains students to practice honesty and a sense of leadership.

  • The electric crew is responsible for checking all classroom electricity such as the classroom AC, lights, and ensures that everything is turned off after class is over. This class assignment aims to train students to have a sense of responsibility not only about the class but also efficiency in the use of energy.

  • A friendly greeter is one of the class jobs that you can find at Bukit Sunrise School. The task of this student is to greet the teacher when the lesson starts. In this assignment, students are taught to be responsible for their duties, learn leadership to lead their friends, and learn to respect each other.

  • The cleaning crew is tasked with monitoring the condition of the room when learning is over or before they go home. Here students practice being responsible for maintaining classroom cleanliness and practice working together with others. In this case, the task of this class is to form the habit of keeping the surroundings clean.

  • Prayer readers are tasked with reminding teachers to pray before starting learning and before having snacks in class. Students will come to the front of the class to lead prayer together. This class assignment will train student leadership and increase student’s self-confidence.

These simple class assignments can teach students a sense of responsibility, trustworthiness and discipline. Using the right method will help students achieve this goal and practice other skills too. But this still requires support from outside the school, such as from parents at home. It also entails a sense of trust that students can do simple tasks well. Increasing students' self-confidence after getting support from parents will definitely have a big influence on children's development. Therefore, cooperation between teachers and parents is needed in order to build students' character and sense of responsibility, as well as improve students' academic abilities.



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