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Having Fun Learning Through Science Experiments

Science is not just for high school or college students. In fact, studies show that preschoolers are also interested in ideas and phenomena involving Science. It is not too early for them to get involved in learning science especially doing science experiments. The preschoolers are quite competent at understanding scientific concepts. Early science experiments are important to the young children’s educational growth and development. Children learn best when they are involved in the learning.

Experience is the best way to learn for the preschoolers. By getting involved in science experiments, children in preschool are introduced to some awesome learning concepts which in turn help increase their curiosity. Children are naturally inquisitive creatures, once they feel curious about something, their observational skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills and of course experimenting skills will get triggered. Moreover, through science activities the children are encouraged to explore using most, if not all of their senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and even taste. Allowing children to really get into science experimentation gives them opportunities to make discoveries on their own. When the kids are enjoying their time in doing the experiments, they will unconsciously become more active during discussion session with their friends as well as the teacher and they will also increase their literacy by asking why, how and what question. Therefore, having science experiments in your class will create a conducive yet fun learning atmosphere for preschoolers.


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