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The Benefits of Involving your Child in Extracurricular Activities in School

Parents, do you think that school activities are only about studying with textbooks or completing exams or tests. If you think so, you have to have a look at this article.

Actually, the learning process does not only occur through classroom activities. It might occur outside the classroom. One of the examples when the learning process can take place outside the classroom is when your children have extracurricular activities (ECA).

As cited from The Good Schools Guide, involving your children in extracurricular activities will give several benefits, which are explained as follows.

1. An ECA can provide a productive break from study.

Having regular classroom activities might drive your children to boredom. Extracurricular activities can offer a welcome break. Your children will have a chance to pursue or simply de-stress and refresh their mind.

2. Joining an ECA helps build other skill outside the classroom.

Extracurricular activities do not only lead your children to learn a specific discipline, but these also help your children to develop their general academic and soft skills. Just think, when your children have debate club or bloggers and vloggers club. Your children will learn how to speak in front of others. It will be very useful for them in the future. When they socialize with others they will be more confident in sharing their opinion or ideas. Another thing is they also learn about time management. They will learn this when they have to manage or arrange their schedules to accommodate their study time and the extracurricular activities.

3. ECAs provide social opportunities.

When your children have extracurricular activities these may require them to work in a team. Their sense of belonging will arise through the opportunity of interacting with others. For instance, when your children join basketball or futsal activities, they will learn to work in a team to make their group win the game. Aside from this, they also learn how to build friendship.

4. ECAs open your children’s mind to new interests.

When your children have the opportunity to pursue a wide range of study areas through core subjects and electives, extracurricular activities allow students to explore an interest in more depth than what is covered in the classroom. ECAs provide a great chance for students to broaden their perspective of the world, particularly those involved in volunteering or community service.

Do think about these benefits the next time you decide on whether or not to allow your children to join extracurricular activities. In the long run, these will outweigh the disadvantages.


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