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BSS Exam Week

  1. The exams will come soon, from the 11th until 15th September. On exam days, we will go home at 12:00. We will do two exams in one day.I am scared for the exams. By Lukas (P4)

  2. On September 11 - 15, we will have the exam week. We are only allowed to use pens. I am nervous because it is hard and confusing. Each day will be a different exam. It will be hard but I will be confident. By Juwan (P5)

  3. 11 to 15 September are the days of the exam week and I am nervous about it. I think it is going to be hard but the way to not be nervous is to be confident and to stay focused. By Taj (P5)

  4. The exam week is going to be from 11 to 15 September. I feel nervous when I’m doing the exams. But, I will try my best. The exams will be a lot so I have to learn a lot. Izzie (P4)

  5. Soon we will have exams. They will be held from Monday, 11th September to Friday, the 15th September. Everyone in school is nervous and scared. Most of the school is prepared for the exams. All of us are happy because after exams, we will be going to Term 2. By Caleb (P5)

  6. Don’t forget, exams are coming! Exam week will be from 11 until 15 September 2023. The more exam week gets closer, the more I am nervous. I have a feeling that it is going to be hard. Exams start at 8:00 AM and end at 12:00. By Malo (P4)

  7. Exams are like a unit test. I feel exams are hard and serious. After exams I am sleepy. If I am all correct, I am so, so, so happy. Exams will be on 11 until 15 September. By Soichiro (P4)

  8. Exams will be in a week. Learning feels good. Sometimes I like taking exams. By Dawson (P4)


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