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Graduation 2021/2022

“ Hand in hand, we strive to excel” is the theme for graduation 2021/2022. After two years, we are finally able to hold the graduation ceremonies outside the school grounds as a school community. BSS 2021/2022 Graduation was held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre with strict Covid-19 health protocols.

All teachers, students and parents were excited to participate in this event. The event started with the opening by the MC’S followed by the graduates entering the room. To give an impression to graduates and parents, we presented a video for each graduate. For preschool they made videos about what they have achieved and for primary they presenedt farewell videos for friends, teachers and schools.

Primary 6 performed the song by singing “See you again” and for preschools performing “Que sera-sera” in a chorus. The event continued with remarks from Ms. Vikki and representatives of each graduate (from Primary Baim and from Preschool Ariana). The event starts at 10.00 am, namely the Graduation procession. Every graduate is called to the stage for this procession.

After the graduation ceremony was over, the event started with an End Year Party which was eagerly awaited by parents and students because all classes would put on their best performance. The appearance of each class is as follows:

1. Twinkle, Sparkle, Little Star performing contemporary dance

2. Primary 1B performed Balinese dances which were very sacred and interesting, namely the Kecak dance.

3. Primary 1A features a mix performance by combining breakdancing and begins with Sophiya's melodious voice accompanied by drums from Cahaya and Violin from Kayden.

4. Primary P5 features a play about one of the famous Greek mythologies entitled “Pandora Box”.

5. Primary 3 features a wonderful dance performance

6. Primary 2B featured a song with 13 kids playing Kalimba and guitar played by Claire.

7. Primary 4 featured Poetry Musical accompanied by Keyboard by Jayden and Violin by Vincent.

The last primary performance was closed by a performance from Primary 2A using recycled musical instruments made from buckets.

And the closing event closed with the last performance of Star Class by performing the Balinese dance “Janger”.

Good job children…you have shown all your talents well. Thanks to all parents for participating and see you at Graduation next year….


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