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Health Week

This year our main event during health week was our ENT checkup. Omsa Medic has been BSS’s reliable partner in checking our students’ health and condition. Dr Rommy, head of Omsa Medic taught students the knowledge to keep their ears, nose, and throat healthy.

This year our primary school experienced a health week for 2 days, on the last day BSS invited Ms. Yun who is a Cardio Boxing instructor. Ms. Yun was supported by Ms. Dwi and Mr. Gustu as shadow instructors and energetically guided our students. The exercise was enjoyed by our students very much. Thereafter students took turns within groups to make oatmeal banana pancakes as a snack and a healthy vegetable juice consisting of pineapple, cucumber, and pokcoy.

Health week lasted 5 days for our preschool classes. On the second day, preschool students had “Senam Pancasila”. On the third day, students are measured on their growth, health, height, weight, and width of their head. The following day preschool students went for a walk with teachers to the traditional market near BSS and shopped for healthy groceries. On the last day, preschool students processed the groceries and created a healthy chicken soup with mixed fruits on the side to be served to teachers and students.

Thank you to our wonderful students for participating in this event. See you in our next Health Week !


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