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How To Grow Kids’ Willingness to Read

Kids’ willingness to read can lead them to a love of reading. There are many benefits from reading, such as: it can bring them to adventures, help them learning new things and develop their language skills (e.g. speech development and vocabulary building). To help them grow their willingness to read, here are some tips you can do with your kids.

First, create a quick start. Giving the very first reading experience to your babies can help them get off to the greatest possible start in life. Newborn babies will pick up language by listening to adults who read and repeat words to them. Remember to discuss and point at the characters, objects, or the sounds characters make. This will lead them to imagine and understand the letters and objects they are seeing in the book. Try to use various pitches and tones for different characters too, to keep them engaged. Creating a “quick start” is essential since kids’ love for books begins long before they learn to read.

Second, be a good reader for your kids. Children need to see reading as something fun; not a hard task to do. Show how much you love reading and that you experience pleasure and enjoyment when doing it. This has the great possibility of boosting their desire and curiosity to read when they see you reading often.

Third, read in turns with your kid. Once your kids get older, ask them to read out loud in turns. When doing this, get the first chance to read, then ask them to find or mention letters and words they can recognise as much as they can. As their skill develops, you can lead them to take turns reading sentences, even pages and chapters. When reading together, remember to ask questions related to growing their critical thinking and confidence in speaking.

Fourth, pay attention to the kids’ interests. Try to understand what your kids love. Help them to find books related to their interests. This will help them to imagine that books are bridges to learn about the things they care about. Besides, they will be more attracted to reading if the topics are about what they love.

Last, get reading as a routine. The routine can start with reading time before going to sleep, while in the car, or while in line. Nevertheless, the most enjoyable reading time is being surrounded by books at home. So, make sure that there are many spots to read at home.

To get the tips to work well, please bring consistency. Reading with kids is all about being together with each other. Try to limit access to mobile devices or television, but provide them with many possibilities to have interactions with books. Happy trying, parents!



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