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School Camp

This year’s school camp was held in BSS where students stayed overnight and enjoyed fun activities. On our school camp students assembled around the school field and placed their belongings in their respective designated tents. Students were then briefed on the activities for the school camp and followed up by a short riddle that provided the location of their respective tents. Thereafter students prepared their Pramuka uniform and gathered in groups to make a “yell” and proceeded to play a game of open gates.

Once the students finished the games, they were instructed to shower and prepare for their dinner which was chicken katsu. When students finished eating they gathered around the fire-camp and presented their groups’ yells and enjoyed roasted marshmallows. The nights’ activity ended with a movie night. Upper primary returned to their tents whereas lower primary returned to their respective classrooms to rest for the night.

The next morning students woke up at 6 A.M. and followed up with “Senam Pramuka”, then students had their breakfast of yellow rice. Once students had all eaten; the lower primary were guided with teachers to clean-up around the school, while the upper primary went to the kitchen to make spring rolls as our school camp snack.

Our school camp concluded with the announcement of the winners of the games held. See you in our next School Camp!!


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